Welcome! You’ve stumbled upon my website which is great news. Allow me to introduce myself and explain what it is that I do as a web developer…

I’m a web developer

As the title would suggest, I’m a website developer. I’ve been developing websites for over 4 years now. I started out tinkering with HTML and CSS when I was about 16. Ever since then I have developed my skills further, particularly throughout my college days, designing and developing websites in my spare time.

When I started my undergraduate degree in Manchester, I began experimenting with Content Management Systems (CMS), such as WordPress and Drupal. Whilst studying I developed many a WordPress site, and received some excellent feedback from clients.

What about my background?

I’m originally from a small town in Greater Manchester, North West England. I grew up there with my (pretty huge) family, and lived there until I was 18.

Whilst in college I studied a BTEC in Information Technology, finishing with 3 Distinction Stars. I then studied my degree at The University of Salford, from 2017-2020, graduating with a 2:1 in BSc Information Technology.

A photo of Ewan, outside the University where he learnt a lot of the skills to become a web developer
My first year at The University of Salford complete!

Fun fact: I technically haven’t graduated yet. The Coronavirus restrictions meant my ceremony was cancelled…

From University, we come to present day. I moved to Clapham, South West London back in August — with the intention of working more in the theatre. That is still on my agenda, but I want to also work on my career as a freelancer too!

What services do I offer?

You’re probably wondering what exactly it is that I offer my clients? It’s a good question.

The majority of my clients approach me to build their websites. I create beautifully designed websites, which are fully responsive and delivery just what the client’s requirements are.

Besides web developing. I am available for hire with tech support too. Some clients might need help setting up their Office365 subscription, I can do that for them. Or they might have an issue with software, I can get them setup for remote support at the click of a button.

You can see the list of services I offer here.

When I’m not developing websites

I actually have a background in the arts, outside of my freelance web developer work. For the three years I was studying I worked as a Box Office manager.

That was my main job until I moved to London in August of 2020. Since then I have been floating between part-time work. Due to the Coronavirus restrictions, many theatres are closed for the time-being. That is why I decided to try my hand at freelancing, as another source of income.

How can I contact you?

If you want to get in touch with me, that’s really easy. Send me an email here, use the contact form below, or reach out through my social media also linked below.